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2016 Resources

Media and much of the public focuses on the presidential race, so we decided to provide you with resources to help you. Please do not lose sight of the fact that congress is supposed to be the most important of the three branches, and since each member gives an oath to uphold the Constitution we feel this is what they should be judged upon, so here is one place that can give you an idea of how well they are doing Scorecard Based on the U.S Constitution.

Please take your time to read through the links for your own edification and to share with others.

Comparison Chart

Side by side comparison of the candidates from the only FEC recognized national parties.

Thoughts of Various Leaders

This is a must read article on what we should be looking for from our candidates, written by constitutional litigator Michael Farris.
Situational Ethics & Voting...

Here is a shorter article also addressing Wayne Grudem, by Dr. Kevin Baird.
A Response...

A quick video of Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Russell Moore, Ethics Spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention.
SBC Explanation..

Very well documented article, written by Samuel Whitefield.
Four Issues to Consider...

Rev. Jason Garwood weighs in on his thoughts concerning this election.
Vote for Trump?...

Another quick article by Dr. Russell Moore in Christian Today.
Should Christians Vote...

Rev. Robert Cunningham provides another view in his short article.
In Love with Donald Trump..

"Do you understand that, in our efforts to maintain party loyalty, we are losing our witness for Christ". This is just one of the thought provoking lines, by Pastor David.
Biblical Truth in The Face...

Ambassador Alan Keyes shares his thoughts with you.
Whom Should We Trust:...

Britton Wolf shares his insights on the candidates and policies. Gary Johnson?
An Escape from Trump vs. Hillary?

This is one, by Rev.Cary Gordan, is not specific to this election, but great to share even though he doesn't recognize that the smaller parties have their own candidates.
5 Steps to Political Epiphany

Info on Darrell Castle

This one is revealing! Rev. Cody Almanzar interviews Mr. Darrell Castle on a variety of topics ranging from politics to the church.
Ain't no Party...

Matthew Carr shares his thoughts after interviewing Darrell Castle.
Principles Over Party...

Susan Wright adds very little commentary to this article.
...Castle in His Own Words

Bob Bennett addresses recent attacks on his choice.
Red State is not the Place...

Short article by Mark Smith.
The Political Platform of Darrell..

Two great ones from Mr. Darrell Castle himself.
The Life of the Party
Why I am Running for President...

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